Jodie Kelly


Jodie came to us an up-and-coming photographer in central Arkansas who wanted a professional brand and identity that would set him apart from other photographers in the area.  He had some doodles of logos with him and a "do it yourself" website template, and his original website lacked content and was not generating any traffic. Our goal was to develop and create his identity and online presence. 



The task was to take some rough hand-drawn idea and create an icon for his photography business.  We presented three different types of logos that we were able to refine. This became a logo using the letters of his first and last name, "JK".  

Website Development   

The design objective was to replace the existing WordPress template website. The old site was incomplete and confusing for the user to navigate.  We simplified the navigation andseparated his portfolio into categories. We incorporated a full-screen image of Jodie‚Äôs work, which gave the user the detail Jodie wanted to convey in his photography.  We also created an area just for clients, which allowed Jodie to give login access to clients for a photo previews.  The website code automatically watermarks the images so Jodie does not have to do this on the front end. In fact, one of the most user-friendly features was to make the website responsive to different mobile devices, which lets the user on a mobile phone or tablet view the same content as the desktop version without getting a watered-down or awkward website experience.