Parkhill Collection


Park Hill Collection had already established their brand and identity but needed to increase awareness within the retail market.  Their key demographic is retailers who sell the Park Hill Brand - not to the general public. The challenge was to broaden awareness and increase monthly sales through social media, e-newsletters and the website.


Website Development

The original website lacked the communication needed to convey the brand did not sell directly to the public. Mass developed a website that had functionality for the three types of site viewers: retailers, Park Hill sales representatives and the general public to research and find Park Hill-branded products. We integrated Google maps to develop an easy-to-use store locator for shoppers to find a Park Hill retail store in their area. In addition, we currently manage the access to the restricted retailers area for all new members, which is a password-protected area to view the current catalog as well as monthly sales, seasonal specials and how to locate Park Hill Reps in their state.

Social Media

We setup and customized Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to match the current branding.  Our Social Media Strategist maintains and serves as a brand ambassador on a daily basis for The Park Hill Collection.  Social media efforts have made a significant impact on generating awareness of the Park Hill-branded products.  Social media has been an excellent way of communicating with retailers the new product launches and showroom installations in many retail outlets around the country, including the Dillard’s department store in Little Rock’s Park Plaza Mall.


We manage and deploy weekly email specials to the ever-growing retail member subscribers. In fact, Mass Enthusiasm manages and maintains a list of more than 13,000 members.