Small World Big Fun


Small World Big Fun, a Disney-based travel agency based in Little Rock, came to Mass Enthusiasm for help in building a stronger brand.  The task was to increase 2012 sales, boost agent participation, generate internet leads and develop an intranet solution to manage SWBF clientele. The client wanted a unique solution that would separate their message from many other Disney travel agents. 


Print Collateral

SWBF wanted to keep their existing logo but needed business cards and stationery.  We developed a print ad campaign and placed in select media outlets to reach the parents of students near graduation.  The tagline was used as an emotional message to encourage one last vacation before the child leaves home for college. 

Website Development

We completely overhauled their existing website to bring everything into brand standards and to make navigation more intuitive. We spread our new theme throughout the website to create a richer and more engaging user experience.  We integrated our solution-specific campaign concepts into the home page. The concept was to introduce a blog and social media with a trip request lead generator. An ongoing effort is maintained to keep content updated and newly released Disney deals fresh and inviting.  To add an extra bit of flare, the website automatically changes to a nighttime theme after 6PM.  This also can be toggled using the button at the top of the page.

Agent Sales Contest 

The Big Fun Challenge was designed to encourage agent sales growth in the first quarter of 2013.  We designed and delivered contest invitations and details to all participating agents.  To add excitement to the contest, we designed and programmed an online live status stream so the agents could log on and check their rank with the other agents.  The goal was met and the contest increased first quarter sales from 2012 to 2013 over 200%. 

Agent Recruitment 

Small World Big Fun had 6 agents at the start of the campaign.  We launched an agent recruitment promotion that consisted of an agent recruitment page, an advanced search engine optimization push and buzz generation through social media channels.  By tying social media to an online application, Small World Big Fun grew from 5 agents seen above in the agent contest to 18 active agents see in the screen shot from their website below.

Adventures by Disney VIP Event 

Mass Enthusiasm created and coordinated a special VIP event for SWBF higher income clientele. The event was held at 1620 Savoy Restaurant in Little Rock and featured a Disney speaker and Adventures by Disney presentation.  The event offered hors d'oeuvres and an open bar.  The purpose of the event was to educate potential clients on special all-inclusive vacation packages.  Custom invitations, flyers, print ads and web banners were produced.  Advertisement, write-up and photo gallery was featured in Inviting Arkansas Magazine. 

Photo Gallery link on Inviting Arkansas:

Online Ads 

We used online advertising to showcase and push the online user to SWBF online deals. 

Custom CRM Tool 

We hand-rolled and custom developed client management software for SWBF agents.  The intranet-based software allows agents to easily manage their accounts and store individual vacation packages.  We named the custom software ProManage.

Online Contest 

The Refer A Friend Promotion is an aggressive online contest that offers a free Disney vacation to the winner.  The contest is designed to allow the user to refer a friend and the system to deliver a custom message to the friend while processing an electronic entry for the entrant. An automated script that will randomly choose 3 entrants will choose the winner. This contest incorporates the use of ProManage software and custom coded entry forms.  


We designed and managed deployment of a SWBF newsletter titled “Small World Big News”.  The first edition features 3 spotlight sections and launched the Refer A Friend contest.

Social Media 

We setup and customized Facebook, Twitter and Pinterst to match the new campaign-branding theme.  Our Social Media Strategist maintains and serves as a brand ambassador on a daily basis for Small World Big Fun.  Social media efforts have made a significant impact on generating online leads and participation in the Refer A Friend Contest. Our social media initiatives have created a 35% increase in SWBF's bottom line.