Southwest EAP


Southwest EAP, was referred to us by another great client, Small World Big Fun (also featured in our case studies). They needed to update her identity, print collateral and website. Our challenge was to create a logo that did not move too far away from the history of the existing logo, and update everything, including the copy in her website and print collateral, which was outdated. We were also tasked with driving more attention to the website as the old one was getting little if any traffic and generating zero leads.



The task was to keep the same basic shape but bring in more color and modernize the overall feel. The plan was to take the existing logo design and update it but not make too drastic of a change that it overpowered the historical look.  Keeping a similar shape, we also stayed with the arrow and square.  The new logo gave us the chance to expand the color palette.

Print Collateral

Business cards, letterhead and tri-fold brochure were created using the new identity and theme to match the new brand. 

Website Development

The old website had not been updated in years and did not communicate SWEAP’s service clearly.  Our task was to create a more structured navigation to make it easier for the user to view and learn about SWEAP’s services.  We also gave the website copy a complete overhaul.  The copywriting effort added a more personal touch, and updates set the stage for reworking the print collateral.  One of the most user-friendly features was to make the website responsive to different mobile devices. Responsive design allows the user on a mobile phone or tablet to view the same content as the desktop version without getting a watered-down and awkward website experience.