Verizon Arena


The challenge from the client was to redesign the existing website with a highly customized CMS. The Verizon staff wanted the ability to add events and concerts to the website that would tie into ticket purchase and seamlessly integrate into the iPhone and Android apps as well as a Facebook event app.  The iPhone and Facebook apps were Phase 2, and Android was Phase 3 of the project. The visual goal of the website was to incorporate the past concert posters into a unique theme.  

Verizon Arena Website


Website Development

The chosen concept was a weathered concert venue. The client wanted a vintage and historical feature for their web presence, which we achieved by using actual posters from concerts past to garner authenticity. We simulated the weathered and worn look by tearing the posters and mimicking a concert poster wall. Custom fonts were hand-drawn, and wrinkled paper was photographed and used for textures and content containers. The functionality of the CMS was developed to streamline the process of making updates across multiple channels, which include the website, iPhone and Android apps, and Facebook.

Verizon Arena App in Someone's Hand

iPhone and iPad App Development

Mass was tasked with replacing the old app with a more feature-rich version that the client could update using the same content management system (CMS) as the website.  Released in 2013 was the new version 2.0 Verizon app that was fed live updates from their website CMS.  The Verizon staff was able to control the content of both their website and mobile app with one use of a single CMS.

Andriod App Development

Released in 2014 was the first and only version to come to the Android platform. The Android app mimics the functionality of the iPhone and iPad app and also can be easily updated through the use of the same CMS system.